Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Guerilla gardening in London with Richard Reynolds

I love guerrilla gardening. This guy's attitude is great, and the mini-doc is entertaining. Here is a teaser quote from Mr. Reynolds and the video:

"The point at which I became a guerrilla gardener is when I realized that I would get a lot more accomplished by just getting out there and doing it than phoning up the council and complaining about the landscape all around me."

Enjoy simple, kind, and creative activities you can do to improve your neighborhood and break the law at the same time,


[via Boing Boing]


Patrick said...

Good video."Gardens are the most complex art and the most rewarding." Kulapat Yantrasast.
Taking gardening to the streets is exponentially more complex. Even more fun when naughty....Patrick

Mr. Stamen said...

Check out what's going on in LA!