Monday, November 3, 2008

Generation We video

My Mom sent me this. Despite the rah rah, Pepsi-co kind of feel to it, it makes some very cogent points. For instance, this is the first generation that is inheriting a USA in decline on all fronts: economy, jobs, civil rights, education, and of course environment.

By 2016, they will be the largest voting block in the United States. That is an enormous amount of power, as we well know from the Boomer generation's stranglehold on politics for the last 25 years or so. As that one generation changed, so did the face of politics in America, right along with them. As the "We" generation comes of age, there will be another change.

I'm not sure I'm quite willing to sign on with the rah rah optimism depicted in this video, but it does give me fodder for thought. Might for you too.

Enjoy the barest twinkle of possibility in some of these thoughts,


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