Monday, November 17, 2008

Dude, Pirates -- for reals!

Not to revel in the glory of the possible harm to the crew -- but I have to say my gut reaction to a real-live pirate attack was "AWESOME." That's a lot of oil, but how in the hell are they going to get it to market? It's not like there aren't military satellites and GPS and whatnot tracking this floating fortune down to the micrometer.

Might not have been the greatest idea, pirates. Regardless, I have to say, you definitely don't lack huevos.


[tanker photo credit in linked article, other is all over the intartubes]


Marty said...

From what I have seen of other piratings like this, it isn't about selling the cargo as much as getting a ransom for it. They set the ransom at a price that is more attractive than hiring the US Army to take it back. Pennies on the dollar compared to the cargo value, but still a fortune in a place like Somalia.

Bpaul said...

Holy crap it's Halvo -- Marty!!!

Yeah, I sometimes read the intro to an article, post and then read the rest. Whups.

Apparently there are large numbers (200+?) ships being held for ransom in this way. What a trip eh?

Good to "see" you sir,


Bpaul said...

And now two more in the last 24 hours.

Booming business apparently.