Saturday, November 22, 2008

Music Video -- Enur: Calabria featuring Natasja

So I was listening to the New Music Show on 94.7 Knrk on the way home from the Bond movie Thursday, and heard this dancehall song that I had to know the name of. I called in to the station and they told me it was called Calabria, by Enur. They also said I could listen to it and download it at I found it this morning.

I was surprised by two things. The first being that the video was so racy, it cracked me up. The second, that Natasja Saad, the reggae singer featured on their chart-making remix of this song (the one below) died in a car accident in Jamacia last year. That was sad news for a Saturday morning.

Warning: this video is gratuitously sexy and sexist in the same way as that Bennassi video I used to promote the humorous line of posts about how to hack voting machines in January this year. This made me realize that I had precedent for posting stuff like this -- so I'm just going for it. It's a sacrifice I make to bring you the music.

[ps: if you click on the video to go to Youtube, you can get the lyrics, such as they are, in the "details" section on the right]

Enjoy catchy new music finds,


1 comment:

Kate said...

oh god no! not you too!
Rob has been using this song to torment me for soon as I get it out of my head, he puts it on again. The sax in it just wont go away.