Friday, November 14, 2008

Pimp my drainpipe

'Nuff said, here is the link to the post, and there is one picture to tease the contents of the link.

Enjoy people doing freaky things in public,


[via my Canukistani operative, Yuri -- photo credit in linked article]


Kevin said...

Woah! That is very creative. Which is interesting to me because I'm a creative person - exotic wood rainsticks - and I'm constantly amazed by the things people come up with which would NEVER have occured to me.

Following the link back to the original blog post got me to thinking... The first couple of pictures showing fancy drainpipes which incorporates cool sort-of planters makes me wonder if something along the same lines might actually make a lot of economic sense.

Instead of the ornamental grasses or whatnot that the two pics show, what if a portion of the water was instead funneled to planter boxes outside each window where the inhabitants could grow vegetables?

Catherine Just said...

Kevin that is so smart! DO IT!

babs said...

kevin, you might want to check out the artist/architect hundertwasser - is a good place to start, lots of pics - very creative mind, advocated spaces for people, not just herding folk into "buildings."

sloping floors to walk barefoot on, thus keeping us connected to our every movement, slightly off-balance, aware. . .
"you yourself must design your environment. your outside walls belong to you just as much as your clothing and the inside of your is your duty to help vegetation to its nature must grow wherever snow and rain fall...roads and roofs should be planted with trees..."

and my favourite: "The straight line is godless."