Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nuking a blog: The 17 Gardens of the Outer Nethers

I really loved the name of that blog. It was Doc Ock's kid who walked around our property when he was 8 years old, and afterward announced that he had counted 17 whole gardens in our yard. I started to correct him and say "those are beds, like parts of gardens" but then stopped myself. "Yep, you are exactly right, there are 17 gardens here!"

Anyway, in the Summer of 2007, I was a young and impetuous blogger and thought that I would need a separate blog as an occasional place to post the tons and tons of garden photos I was planning to take. As it turns out, I needed to finish school, and work, and take care of the house, as WELL AS blog. So that blog is no longer needed. I'll post all the garden related posts here instead.

Below, pictures of the front yard, the front gate, and one of T's amazing bouquets -- all from The 17 Gardens of the Outer Nethers blog, 2007.

Enjoy realizing that even more of your interests can be accommodated by a single, personal blog,



Shocho said...

Beautiful! Glad to see 'em here. :)

Bpaul said...

Will be easier for all I think :-)

Nana-Povi said...

A spectacular family of gardens you got there -- hard work turned into beauty, voila! I love pictures, yer va momma