Monday, November 10, 2008

Gear Daddies, it's Dale's fault

Dale, over at Faith in Honest Doubt posted a Drive By Truckers video yesterday. It reminded me how much I like a twangy country-tinged indie rock sound.

The first band that inspired me in this genre was the Gear Daddies. I ran into them during a streak of loving Minneapolis (and surrounding areas) bands, such as The Replacements , Husker Du , and Soul Asylum . Of course you youngin's who read this blog (you know who you are) will have NO idea of what I'm talking about, because it was eight MEEELION years ago, but screw it I don't care if it dates me I loved these bands and they hold a special place in my heart.

Anyway, Dale made me reminisce about these bands and now I must post some videos. This first one is an appearance the Gear Daddies made on the Letterman show. This must have been the absolute height of their career at the time. They're playing a middle-of-the-road single (in my opinion), but the sound and video quality were good, so I chose this video.

This next video is one of my favorite songs by them, called I Wanna Drive the Zamboni. It's actually a little heart-breaking if you listen to it, as humorous as the initial concept may seem. I always thought it was unexpectedly poignant, and full of black humor at the same time, which endeared the song to me.

Enjoy the prehistoric musical ramblings of an old geezer,



Dale said...

Good stuff! I somehow missed out on these guys when they were at their height.

Continuing down the endless tunneling burrow of 'if you like X, you might like Y' ... Especially the Zamboni song, but both of these remind me of Steve Earle. I have only one of his albums, Guitar Town, but this sounds much like it (in a good way).

And also on that rock-country edge, there's Wilco (of course) and Uncle Tupelo and ... and ...

Bpaul said...

Their album "Let's go scare Al" is awesome, if you are trolling for something to get. It's great, funny, heartbreaking.

I have a good friend who is a huge Steve Earle fan, and I've been meaning to look further into his music. Of course Wilco and Uncle Tupelo (especially) are known to me -- you guessed that right.

babs said...

mmmmm, steve earle - guitar town is a classic, and his latest, washington square serenade is pretty good too!

but Bpaul - you?? looking at twangy geetar bands??? neva!

lol. . .