Saturday, November 8, 2008

Marcy Kaptur, my new political hero, keeps on keepin on

Marcy Kaptur, who lit up the intarwebs in this fierce video denigrating the bailout bill and how it was being pushed through Congress, is still on my radar. She's one of my heroes in politics, so I will be giving updates when I see something interesting from here on out.

Updates like this dandy Guardian blog post about her, titled Toledo Fightback. An example:

Kaptur became something of a YouTube folk hero in September when she took to the floor of the Congress for a series of fiery speeches denouncing the proposed taxpayer-funded bailout of "Wall Street's big banking boys." These "plunderers of our economy", she declared, were "now are running home to mama" for government help. "They want mama to make it all better."

Enjoy finding new heroes, most especially in government of all places,


[thanks Babs]

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