Friday, October 3, 2008

Your views on the Veep debate?

I couldn't watch the veep debates. Just couldn't stomach it. What did ya'll think? Anyone want to share some thoughts?



Dale said...

My 2 cents ... Palin was one platitude after another. After a while you start to question whether there's something wrong -- as in medically, psychologically wrong -- when someone repeats words and phrases to such a degree, in her case "maverick," "reform," and "corruption on Wall Street." These are not attached to any policy proposals, so they are utterly empty. And yet she repeats them over and over and over, hoping, I gather, that enough people will be uninformed and lazy enough to think there's something behind it.

Biden was Biden. He knows what he's talking about. He is not the most personable politician ever, nor will everyone share his conclusions. But he knows the kinds of things that a VP should know.

You were right not to watch. Little was learned.


Bpaul said...

That incessant empty repetition thing happens all over the place any more, so much so it almost strikes me as some kind of psy-ops maneuver.

Think of Hussein and Terrorist. Over and over and over again and there are STILL people out there that think this secular, anti-religious dictator was in league with fanatically religious terrorists.

It worked before, they're hoping it will work again.

I am still glad I didn't watch.

I have a certain friend in The Palouse who was watching with a little sipping whiskey in hand. Joining him might have been fun.

Anonymous said...

Joe was a first class gentleman with feelings and did just exactly what he needed to do. The Palin was off in some other galaxy. J in VA

CtheG said...

I agree completely with "J in VA". Biden was a gentleman and had actual points to get across and was smart about his answers because he obviously knew what he was talking about. Palin didn't look as out of sorts as she did with Katie Couric but she sounds like she just memorized points that Joe Six Pack wanted to hear. Whoever that is. I was really hoping for a big tongue tied moment....I found it entertaining to watch though. And Biden was better then I expected.

babs said...

I "watched" the online bbc feed with commentary, with a window'd guardian drinking-game commentary - who could resist? (the shot word was "maverick" - when biden had his tiny meltdown and said it 5 times, folk went crazy, lol)

I say "watched" because I couldn't truly watch - palin has the same feel about her as shrub - been running to the volume control on him for years now - simply cannot stomach his "voice" (let alone his words). . . the commentary boards went nuts about her winking, so I watched for a bit - surreal. . .
tho! if folk remember her beauty pageant history, the whole game becomes more transparent. . . all her answers were memorised platitude*crap, and we all know that crap repeated enough will be "embedded" in the minds of those who have little else going upstairs. . .

also interesting to me was the instant response feed from I think? cnn (they had an audience with hand held monitors for constant response) - I read that far from being most popular with the "women" vote (who registered strong disapproval), palin's twitchy-eyes were overwhelmingly popular with white males. . . ^^ (which, sadly, also corresponds with her main support on uk commentary blogs - white male flag-wavers who want to "give her one")

". . .in other news. . ." hehe