Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Visit with The Luddite

So I'll be gone til Wednesday PM, for a quick visit with The Luddites. I didn't have time to stack up posts ahead of time so *gasp* there will be a gap in postings.

I hope to get a few in before The Wife and I leave for her little brother's wedding too.

Ya'll have a great time watching the Hindenberg economy while I'm gone.




Bentley said...

Lucky Bastard. Hope you have fun! :D
Don't Chaney the luddite. :P

Anonymous said...

See any elk down there?

Bpaul said...

Bentley, BAH.

anonymous, there is a resident herd that we watched two mornings in a row. They're quite protected on that side of the river, so not jumpy like public land elk.

A healthy herd I'd say.

neal said...

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Kate said...

wow...awesome spam!

stingite said...

hey Brandon! I hope you had a great time visiting the B-man. I have a great picture of the three of us that I've been meaning to scan and post up.

If you get some time, you should skip over to my radiant rain blog and see the non-luddite in my full Halloween plummage.