Friday, October 10, 2008

W. and McSame similarities clarified in The Nation via movie review

My friend Babs sent me a link to this Nation article talking about Oliver Stone's W. Biopic, but using it to talk about McSame as well.

Here is the most-stellar, scathing, and on-point closing paragraph:

McCain evidences the underlying motivator attributed to Bush in Stone's movie: the distorted priorities of a son of privilege doing battle with the legacy of more gifted and responsible family ancestors. Both grew up as spoiled screw-ups repeatedly bailed out of trouble by their highly accomplished fathers, in McCain's case an admiral. Both assume, as a matter of legacy, that they have a right to rule. What they ignored in their legacy was a Christian's obligation to make the economic system that handsomely rewarded their kin at least minimally responsive to the needs of ordinary folk.

And here's the trailer for W.'s Biopic:

Enjoy the truth laid bare,


[thanks Babs]


babs said...

zomg - that trailer ROCKS, lol. . .

I vote for a group outing to the cinema, k? I'm all for driving into town to join in the celebrations!

tho' I'm not a fan of olliestone, the timing of release is brilliant, and I have no problem parting with a few dollars to help teh economeeez. . .

Kate said...

I'd be up for a theatre field trip =)

Bpaul said...

Me too

CtheG said...

I can't wait to see this movie. just got home from Religious. I highly recommend it!