Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fox News "fair and balanced" caught on tape!

Check out this video, it's hilarious. The Fox reporter counts one (maybe two votes.. including his own) against basically a whole room of votes "split." Why? Well because the nearly unanimous vote goes for Obama.

Hell yeah, fair and balanced baby.

Enjoy the obvious lunacy of it all,


[big thanks to Cynical-C blog for this treasure]

1 comment:

babs said...

DAMN! freeking hilarious!

tho' I must add - if FauxNews was on in the background and you weren't actually LOOKING at the screen in that moment, it's the "voice" that gets embedded, eh? or, say, if your realityshifting meds are truly doing their work, you might momentarily question what you just saw? then pass it off as hallucinations, eh?