Monday, October 20, 2008

Back Home!!

We had a great visit, enjoyed the wedding, and I'm back at a working computer. Really makes me realize what an enormous information nipple this thing is for me to be without for a while. The feeling was made that much more poignant by having a computer in the house but totally crippled by spyware and bizarre mini applications (a peeling banana cursor animation, for example), so it's really just a tease and not actually usable.

I will be gratefully immersing myself back into cyberspace pronto.

Hope all is well,



Anonymous said...

Information nipple?!?!?!?!

Love the sorta-Matrix image that appears in my information-soaked brain-sponge when I read that little nugget!


Bpaul said...

Scary ain't it LOL. That's what I get for posting while blasted tired.

stingite said...

I'm reminded of a scene from Naked Lunch actually . . .