Friday, October 24, 2008

I couldn't help myself

The picture says it all:

Enjoy how language usage and meaning changes depending on context,




Dale said...

Those are three of the ugliest men I've ever seen.

Thanks, I think, for posting this. It really wakes a body.

Patrick said...

Just shows what Christianity has come to.
We used to have the best art in town, ( Rome)

It has come to these poor girls singing for Jesus
while Satan has Beyonce.

babs said...

I'm with dale on this - over at the boingboing blog there's a great commentary thread - "bitgod" reckons it's tom hanks, eddie izzard and stephen fry in drag - which, if you squint. . .hahaha

but even better is "sekino" supposedly quoting a fan:

"I used to have a few more of their albums, in college. Their second effort was called "Come Inside Me, Jesus", critically well received, but not a but not a lot of takers. Another was "Oh Jesus, Don't Stop Now".


Bpaul said...

I love the hanks, izzard and fry comment, hilarious. Totally hilarious.

The "continued albums" -- wow, that's what I can conjure up to say, just wow. LOL.