Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two Karl Rove gems in one convenient video!

First gem: Another attempted citizens arrest of Rove for treason.

Second gem: Fantastic comment on stage by former Sen. Majority Leader George Mitchell to Mr. Rove — “I have to say, I feel like Dorothy in the Land of Oz hearing you lecture about negative campaigns by others.”

Enjoy the horses starting to trickle back into the barn,


[via Media Monarchy]


babs said...

"interesting theatre" sez the newsreader, talking OVER the woman commenting on her attempt at citizen's arrest - gee dude, maybe SOME OF US WOULD HAVE LIKED TO HEAR WHAT SHE WAS SAYING? same with the other 3 females "protesting," one who is shown being carried and a hand reaching to cover her mouth. . . wonder what THEY were protesting?

tho' we do get to hear the witty retort of Mr. Mitchell, which, agreed, was cute. . .

Anonymous said...

I'm with Babs. va momma