Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Techno pumpkin light show

One of my favorite people lives outside Salt Lake City. He's an enormous geek, a talented poet (won and placed in the Utah slam competition multiple times), a musician, amazing husband and Dad. His screen name is Stingite, from an old MMORPG we used to play together, Everquest. And this is his front yard during Halloween, simply fabulous:

PS: make sure to click the youtube link and then "more details" so you can read the technical details -- just hilarious.

Enjoy your talented and eccentric friends using their multitude of skills to be uber dads,



stingite said...

woo hoo! featured!

Thanks for the plug and kind words, B.

I have a couple more videos up over at my blog, including the day the light-o-rama unit arrived at our house. hehe.


peace, love, and halloween lights for the kids. ;-)

Kate said...

revers, you rock.