Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pre-emptive strike against downer political posts -- competitive Bunny Jumping

As I look at my flooded email inbox, I can see a lot of posts on the horizon about some pretty damned dour and serious subjects. To preemptively strike against getting too down, here is an insanely cute video of competitive bunny jumping. No joke.

Enjoy trying to keep it fair and balanced,


[via Canukistani Kate]


LT said...

Funny stopping-then-jumping bunnies. I like.

Welcome home. Hope it was great with the 'dites.

I leave for L.A. - and the northern Sea of Cortez - on Saturday. Huzzzaqh!

Bpaul said...

Tell me you are going to fish, even a little bit.

CtheG said...

that is cute - and totally nuts