Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Two drink reviews, well three: Inversion IPA, Snapple Lemonade, and one other

Deschutes Brewery normally kicks butt, their Mirror Pond Pale Ale is one of my all time favorite beers. I don't drink a lot of beer, but when I do have a bit I like a smooth, crisp beer and sometimes a poignant hoppy bite (often found in an IPA or India Pale Ale). The Wife brought home Inversion IPA the other day, and immediately decided it was way way too hoppy and bitter to drink. And she likes IPA's. Last night I tried it, and found our palates are similar. It was REALLY BITTER, like REALLY REALLY -- medicinally so. Over the top in my opinion.

It reminds me of the late 80's - Early 90's California Chardonnays. Oaky Chardonnay was all the rage out of California (even though it's prominent oak notes were a weird modern, left-coast twist on that wine style) and eventually they just kept amping it up and amping it up til the wines were ridiculously overpowered with oak flavor. I think the Pacific NW'er palate has been getting more and more educated about hops and bitterness by our microbrews, but that Inversion has finally taken it too far. I am positive many would disagree but I'd be curious if any readers have tried this beer and what their opinion is. I am the first to admit I'm no beer connoisseur, I don't work at it or anything I just like what I like.

Secondly, a simple review: Snapple Lemonade: Tastes like Pledge sprayed into sugar water. I'm pretty dam sure powdered lemonade mixes taste better than this. Just horrible.

Thirdly, mixing Snapple Lemonade with Inversion IPA to try and fix both (it was a long day) -- drinkable. Barely.

Enjoy your summer beverages,



Bentley said...

Tooottally thought this would be a mead post. :P

Bpaul said...

Soon my boy soon

goodrev said...

Biermischgetränke is often the answer.

Bpaul said...

You are right sir.