Thursday, September 13, 2007

Computer back on track: Props to Belmont Computers, Superbad review, Montage

First, props: As if there was any doubt Belmont Computers kicks butt, check out the name of their custom build high-end gaming computer. Thanks guys, great to have my machine back.

Went out last night with Doc Ock and Tony to see Superbad (see trailer here). This was definitely a guy's night out kind of movie, The Wife was a no-go on it. I can say, we laughed our butts off. Yep, it's dumb, but it's funny as hell if you are willing to get back into the headspace of being in high-school. If your high school experience had a lot to do with scoring booze and trying to lose your virginity at least. The subject matter is typical for this genre of movie, because it is so typical for that time. What sets this movie apart is the pitch perfect writing and delivery.

I think Superbad will be the Fast Times at Ridgemont High of its generation, quoted as often as Caddyshack was in my high school locker room. It has a meeelion one liners of note, and is funny throughout the whole playtime of the film.

Hm, I just called it a "film" -- ok that IS a stretch.

Anyway, for those willing to take the ride I give it a solid A. Those unwilling shouldn't even rent it when it hits dvd.

After the movie we went to The Montage for appetizers, coffee and dessert. The service was comfortingly consistent -- diffident, probably drug-addled busgirl throws water toward our drinking glasses, hip waiter hollars our muscle shooter orders toward the kitchen (the mussel shooters are absolutely fantastic), and we were seated in a group table in the corner, elbow to elbow with other patrons even when 75% of the dining room was stark raving empty. And yet, I keep going back. The mussel shooters, coffee, and mud pies should have been explosive once combined, but we all survived it seems. Great night to hang out with some friends before the tidal wave of school pummels all three of us.

Enjoy your friends,



cowtao said...

LMAO - "The Divorcer MkII"

soooo, did you GET the custom high END gaming computer sir?


Bpaul said...

HELL no, I've sworn off the stuff and am feeling mighty good about that decision. Don't even get twinges anymore actually.

Shocho said...

I can see that discussion now: "Honey, can I buy a new computer? It's called the Divorcer!"

It's weird enough that our La-Z-Boy recliner is named "The Avenger."

Tate said...

that is a nice sounding puter, and Bman you dont get the twinge at all?? i still do sometimes have to say, not a lot but every once in awhile.
the movie looks fun, The Montage sucks ass, food is great, service and attitude needs to go. and if i have left overs, dont waste all that fucking tin foil so you can make a stupid tinfoil animal for themmm

Bentley said...

I live in a constant state of computer twinge >< i am pretty
hopeless :P

cowtao said...

/comfort bentley - I straddle the state line. . .
(I blame the belmontboyz for building me such a sweet computer lol)

Bentley said...

Welcome back!

Bell jar bees:

Bentley said...

Also, check out the blog of the person posting the pictures.

robert said...


Bpaul said...