Monday, September 10, 2007

Photo: Stud Farmhand as Uncle Fester

Got this over email first thing this morning. Couldn't resist. Here's the original photo for reference.

This photo was taken, and edited, at work I do believe. You think he's got short timer syndrome?

Enjoy change,



Stud Farmhand said...

Inspired by, but not taken at, work.

By the way, you lost the original aspect ratio when you posted the photo, making me look even broader than in unfortunate reality.

Bpaul said...

Makes you look substantial LOL.

I never know how Blogger is going to treat photos -- and so far I've not obsessed enough on html code to try and fix the weirdness when it happens.

It's a cool photo regardless.

Katye said...

Quite the perfectly formed CRANIUM you have there Stud.

HEAD! PANTS! NoooooooooW!

Tate said...

where else can you put a lightbulb and make it light up

Bpaul said...

Oh my.

Shocho said...

Fester with a beard? Blasphemy! The pate, however, is perfect. Nice pic.