Friday, September 7, 2007

3,000 year old Beehives found, (in my backyard?)


In case anyone missed this story in the comments section below -- archaeologists have found hella old beehives, which have set them to speculating madly. Very cool find.

In mine own life, bees are becoming prominent as this weekend I'm going over to Farmer Bill's ranchero to build bee hives from scratch. He has been doing a sustainable beekeeping style promoted at We will be building what are called top-bar hives, which give bees a lot more latitude about how to build their combs, letting them do their thing in a way that's healthier than the standard industrial hive setup.

edit/addition: Building two hives for myself, because we're going to start keeping bees this spring. Two hives is safer, because if one goes down you have a backup. I have this winter to study up and get materials. I've waited for 3 years before I took the plunge, we needed to get our garden beds settled, and our chickens properly moved in, before we took on another husbandry project.

I've got to get onto my day, but I'll keep ya'll updated about the hive making etc.

Enjoy your honey-sweetened goodness,



Trappin' Pat said...

When are YOU going to start keeping bees?

I'd love to see it done (in a city), I might want to do it too.

Bpaul said...

This spring, two hives -- on the carport roof I think.

Placement is still being mulled over.

Bentley said...

Bees invade Katy woman's home

Bpaul said...

Yikes, africanized ones too. Not good, not good at all.

Bentley said...

I Agree :(