Saturday, September 15, 2007

Changing gears, from body to mind

I wonder sometimes what this schizophrenic lifestyle is doing to me. All summer I work my butt off on almost exclusively physical projects -- building things, cleaning, moving stuff, using all sorts of tools. Then comes the fall, and within 1 weekend I switch over completely to the mind. I sit in front of computers 3x more than I did all summer, I sit and listen to lectures for hours on end, take notes, memorize, and write write write.

The change is coming soon. I have one more week in the life of the body before my awareness crawls up into my cranium and spans only from the fingers up for the rest of the winter. Being married to a beautiful woman does mean I will be enticed to travel south occasionally during the school year, but these are brief tropical vacations. My consciousness will return north soon after these exploits, like a suburban commuter driving into their snout-house and closing the garage door behind them before they ever get out of the car.

I'm glad to be learning, but my gut is wrenching just a bit at the thought of it.

Enjoy your life choices,



Tate said...

wow my friend, very intense. I am sure you remember, but this is but just a blip in your life

Kate said...

mushroom picking on the 6th/7th? =)

stingite said...

*garage door closes*

Bpaul said...

Tate: si, just putting some images to the feelings, I'm doing dandy actually.

Kate: Very probably

Stingite: Dude, harsh ... HEHE.