Saturday, September 8, 2007

Stud Farmhand Retirement Countdown (tm)

In email conversation with Stud Farmhand this morning, I asked how long before he officially retires from Microsquash.


That would be 20 days from today.

Of which 6 are weekend days.

And 3 are vacation days.

And the rest are goofing off days – come in late, take a long lunch, go home early.

Or, to use other metrics: 37 hours of commuting by car, 2 airplane flights, 18 slices of cafeteria pizza, 27 shots of espresso and 9 bagels in the car on the way to work, 9 Dr. Peppers, and 66 cans of unflavored fizzy water.

That would be 20 days 1 hour 24 mins.

But who is counting?

Enjoy your imminent retirement, all of you,


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