Sunday, September 16, 2007

Game: Which of these statements is false

Vote for which of these statements you think is false below. I'll post the answer in a few days.

1. 8:00 Sunday AM found me on the freeway with a fetid goose corpse strapped to the top of the subaru

2. A planet was discovered that has the density of balsa wood

3. The Vanity Fair cover of Nicole Kidman boobs throws me into epistemological conflict

4. There are reports of mahjong-induced epilepsy in China

5. Today I voluntarily sat in a confined space with temperatures exceeding 135 degrees

6. A health expert warned that humans are not fit for human consumption.

7. None of the above statements are false

(Sorry for the sloppy formatting -- the online generated poll I made wouldn't fit. You can vote by making a comment below)

[Thanks to Harper's Magazine "Findings" from October 2007 for some of these gems]


Bentley said...

I vote for 7!

Why did you have you have a fetid goose corpse strapped to the top of your car? weird portlander voodoo? does it gives safe journey's? should i try it?

Shocho said...

Only #3 (and #7) are false, cause Nicole Kidman has lousy skinny boobs.

Tate said...

i go with all true

Bpaul said...

You should see the cover Shoch... amazing what water bras and photoshop can do.

It is all true, of course.

You shouldn't try to goose voodoo on the car -- too much work. Better to just get a standard issue cloaking device.

CtheG said...

holy crap!
I'm tired and excited by all of that!

Bpaul said...