Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We were Robbed -- no kidding.

Ok, so no pictures for a while -- today's mid-day burglar took my brand new digital camera.

I'm now waiting for the fingerprint people to come by. I'm sore from Aikido practice, and have a 10 hour school day to look forward to tomorrow.

I know, bitch bitch bitch.

I think I'll start a new Label actualy -- LOL.

Pictures will be forthcoming soon -- or I suppose so, haven't read the homeowner's insurance policy yet.


Tate said...

OMFG, the camera?? that fucking sucks, you have homeowners? i know that is probably a high deductable...
god i hate this kind of stuff. sorry to hear this my friends

Shocho said...

Jesus, that's awful. I hope the insurance stuff makes it right.

Bpaul said...

They got about $1300 or so in electronics, a couple Ipods a couple cameras, and antique locket from The Wife's great grandmother.

They didn't know what they were doing, they moved a Tag Hauer (sp) watch out of the way to grab a $1 bill LOL.

Anyway, I'm feeling like crud today -- coming down with something. So the response blogwise may be lackluster for a few days.

Thanks for the support.


Muse said...

Oh jesus, that sucks ass! Sorry B. :(

stingite said...

What did they do? Break in while no one was home? Have you found anything out more on this?

The most I ever had stolen was a backpack and that felt awful.