Sunday, April 1, 2007

First Book Post

Oh how many books will I read while trying to finish the one book my wife suggested I read, the one bookthat she said changed her life in college. [I've just decided, this book will remain a link reference and shall be not be named in these profane pages, to hide my shame] Our lives are easily changed in college, granted, but the dam thing has importance for her and I need to finish reading it. We don't have the collective time or communal patience here in this little post to confront all the book titles I've polished off in the process of working through this one book. But, I will mention tonight's conquest.

Just finished reading Fishing the Northwest, which was lent to me by a good friend of mine who will be known as Stud Farmhand (there is a story here for another time). Stud has a phenomenal collection of fishing books, and I grabbed some before I left his house on my last visit. My outings have been few and far between since this newest bout of school, and some armchair fishing trips were in order.

I liked the book because I've fished some of these places, and read some of these authors before. I like anthologies because you get a smattering taste of many different styles and sometimes pick up a new name that might be worth investigating further. Mostly though, my last fishing trip was the first in many many months, and wasn't necessarily so hot for all it cost me in driving time and frozen fingers. It did, however, stoke the fire in me to get outdoors again and more often. A couple nicely written fishing stories are just the ticket to keep me on the straight and narrow, in college and in control, until summer.

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