Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Got a camera today... testing testing

So I had to run out and get the digital camera I've been procrastinating over for months now. The Wife [her online pseudonym, sly ain't it] has this fantastic and rarely grown orchid, a deciduous orchid, that's blooming furiously right now and I know the blooms don't last long. So, between that and this blog, I just had to get it done. Got a Canon Powershot A710 and took a few photographs before running off to school [know that you can click on the pictures and get slightly bigger versions to pop up].

Here are two test photos that I dinked with, I can just feel the learning curve on this, it's intense how little I know.

First is the deciduous orchid -- a Dendrobium Devonianum, from India. It needs 6 months where it's left completely and utterly dry, not even high humidity, or it won't bloom. The Wife finally got it to it's happy place and here's the result. Note all the righteous wood-fired tea ware on the shelves behind -- it's good to know talented and classy potters, and buy up all their seconds.

The next picture shows some beautiful Phalaenopsis. The Wife is kind enough to grow these -- she's into the weirder ones, the flashier ones -- because she knows I'm so into them. I completely dig them. There's something so simple and direct about them, very regal.

There we go my first few pictures, I'll get all the editing and posting stuff figured out to so they'll be clear and studly in the future.


Ps: Posted another test picture on the Fur Shark blog as well. Pootie doing an imitation a favorite 60's era dessert.


Muse said...

Great camera choice, B. I can't rave enough about Canon's IS, it's SO awesome. I have an IS lens (my main lens) and the thing friggin' rocks.

The orchids are beautiful too! I have a phalaenopsis on my desk at work, I think it's called 'Leopard prince'. It's all cherise spotty, I love it...but I know I don't have enough of a green thumb to figure out the weird "starve me - feed me" cycle orchids seem to have, so I'm not sure how well it's going to do after the flowers are gone.

Bpaul said...

You will have to talk to The Wife, she's the orchid magician now. She's got... I think 5 difference species blooming, -- make that 7. Anyway, only a few can now resist her skillz.

Tate said...

She freaking rocks with them, when i opened my salon everyone sent me orchids and they were great for a bit, but then they "got tired of the salon environment" But when i go to Katye and B-man's the orchids are all happy and blooming.
of course she is very casual about it all, in a typical katye fashion of course

Bpaul said...

LOL, yes of course. "Oh that, yea I think I figured that one out." LOL