Thursday, April 12, 2007

Visual and text update on my sickness

Visual update on my sickness ^ Dog Vomit Slime Mold ^

Text update ------------ My urethra hurts.

That will be all.

ps/edit: I so have to do a RBT on the Slime mold, they rock.


Tate said...

OMFG you are hhurting my friend... do you need anything?

Bpaul said...

Thanks Tate, you rock. No, I'm about to take some herbs and hit the sack. Hypothetically, this thing blows over in 2 days, I'm prayin LOL.

Ty tho


Tate said...

*shiver* and sweat .....drink lots o liquids.
and make tait and Katye wait on you hand and foot

Bpaul said...

Feeling a modicum better today, stayed bundled up and sleeping most of the night, and I'm skipping a class today (I keep vacillating on that one even -- but pretty sure I'm not going to go).

I never skip classes.

Tate said...

SKIPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!! sneaking out behind the water tower to smoke.....

how you feeling today

Bpaul said...

A little better -- symptoms have shifted, and today I have cheap acupuncture available to me, so I'm hopeful. I've been waiting for "cheap day" which is Saturday. I should be in the clear by Monday -- and approx 2 weeks behind in my science classes by then LOL.