Monday, April 2, 2007

Fire Lookout, '92

Still surfing the technological learning curve here -- took me a while to get this photo on the right computer, in a decent size, etc.

Storyline: This is a photo of my first day on the job as a fire lookout in the Mount Hood National Forest in 1992. I'm facing East and a little bit South, from the notes on the back of the photo.

As a Prehistory post (I considered labeling these "nostalgia" -- but that inferred I would be pining for these long-lost times and that isn't accurate, life's good now and these are backstory), consider this a literal snapshot of the place where for the first time I got serious about writing. I starting writing, as a "writer" or "artist" before this, but this is where I practiced -- a whole lot. Longhand even, how retro cool is that.

I may end up posting snippets from the fire lookout journals onto the blog, as they're quite trippy reading.

Oh, and the Morels are starting to pop. I saw this post and got all jazzed thinking it was here in the N.W. Morels, I will find you this season -- I will find you!

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