Sunday, April 1, 2007

Fur Sharks

So I've started posting some pictures and comments about the Fur Sharks. I will update these as needed, and notify fans here of their presence. They are a huge part of our daily entertainment and deserve shrines of their very own. They also deserve better pictures, but this too shall come.

There is a whole language we use around the house when we talk about, or more specifically *as* the Fur Sharks. We figure they refer to us (in their minds) as Monkeys. Continually chastising us, "God-Dam Monkeys! Use those opposable thumbs for something useful and open up that fridge!" They also disdain our constant use of "The Noisy Part" (I.E. mouth). All the monkeys seem to do is sit around in groups and use the noisy part -- what good are they.

Back to blogospherical musings -- I may start similar links for Garden, as well as Chickens -- we'll see if it's necessary.


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