Sunday, April 29, 2007

Waking up: Soundgarden lyrics help fill in the blank

{thanks Shocho for the image}

A few too many days in a row of *not quite enough* sleep. So I woke up this morning feeling just about like this:

Sitting here like uninvited company
Wallowing in my own obscenities
I share a cigarette with negativity
Sitting here like wet ashes
With X's in my eyes and drawing flies....

Thanks Chris Cornell, I couldn't have said it better myself.

A cup of Earl Grey Tea, breakfast with The Wife and a good friend (can't think of a good pseudonym for him yet), and my attitude improved markedly.

Been going since 8:00 am on this my "day of rest." But, I utilized time in between errands well; driving with the windows down, letting the sun on my face, blasting music. It's not laying around on the grass watching butterflies, but it sure was satisfying regardless.


Dori said...

*gasp* you've stolen my forum avatar.

Bpaul said...

It's one of my favorite things from this whole year LOL. I LOVE it.

Shocho said...

No Dorye, *I* stole your forum avatar. Everybody loves it.

As I said on the No forums, I have no moral compass.

Shocho aka Cait

Dori said...

Well, technically I stole it from a Sims 2 community I belong to. So I guess I'm without a moral compass as well.

Bpaul said...

What's a moral compass?

Bpaul said...

I kid, I kid.

Muse said...

I love the avatar, too...I had that quote as my Gtalk tagline for a few days. :P