Friday, April 13, 2007

Robbery details

Friends are asking me for details on the robbery. I am not too worked up about it, although the next day I DID get heinously sick, so maybe it was more stressful than I was letting on.

5:30 in the afternoon, approximately. I had pulled out 1/2 hour before using T.'s car, to do an errand. That means whomever did this was probably casing the house and knew that car was the "other car" at the house. Makes things a bit more creepy.

T. was out in the separated garage working out. He plays music, but not super loud. When someone's in there, you can't tell from the house. He locks the front door and leaves the back door unlocked when he's gardening back there etc. About 20 mins after I leave he hears someone go into the house, he figured it was me -- that I had finished quickly. He heard them leave to, not long after.

Looks like they came in, swept through each room of the house and grabbed pocketable items. They grabbed 2 digital cameras, 2 ipods, 2 change jars' worth of coin, some bills laying around, $20 out of T.'s wallet (but none of the cards/I.D.), and an heirloom locket of The Wife's that was in the bedstand. That last one hurts -- it's from her Great Grandmother, is 10k gold, and has sentimental value.

Dumb things they did: Moved a Tag Heuer watch out of the way to get at a dollar bill on the desk. They grabbed a change jar and might have left prints on it, putting it right back down. They also left behind a real string of pearls when they grabbed the locket. So, we're thinking kids (dummies) or druggy (dummies).

Our street doesn't have a lot of endemic crime, but it has GREAT escape routes and is very accessible not only to the freeways but also the light rail. Because of this it does get a lot of "drive-by" crime, or transitory crime. So... we have to stay on our toes regarding crime and security and shit. Sucks but true.


stingite said...

wow. Could have just taken the watch and been done!

So sorry this happened to you, B. So what happens now? Any insurance coverage for the robbed stuff?

Makes me want to ensure I'm covered. *panics* Those mosquitos and frogs where I live are totally eyeing our joint suspiciously.

Bpaul said...

I'm chatting with insurance folks right now -- and asking questions about all the "urban folklore" I've heard about making claims and then getting cut from the company, flagged so you can never buy insurance again, etc.

I figure it's not true, but hey why not ask :-)

An insurance company's job, once the policy has been secured, is to NOT pay -- so who knows.

Tate said...

I believe that this insurance info is folklore. If you had judt moved in to your house and then had a huge claim, they may have considered cancelling you. but i dont believe they would cut you.
Of course i do not trust big corporations and i think society is being controlled by a few large corps. but that is just my stuff LOL
I really hope that you are able to get paid for your stuff and i hope they find Katyes heirloom.

Bpaul said...

Yeah, the agent lined out a few circumstances where that could happen, and it sure looks nothing like mine. Person's got to have multiple claims, not a lot of time on the account, and not a good payment record.

They'll skimp as much as they can, as I said, because it's their job... but we'll get something out of this, be able to replace some of the stuff, but not all of it.