Thursday, April 12, 2007

Baan Thai, it's for what ail's ya

OK, so I wasn't feeling so hot last night, for obvious reasons. Woke up sick, what a surprise. Amazing what stress will do to ya.

As predicted, I felt like dog barf today, only amplified. When I had my lunch break, I called my buddy John Schell, who also happens to be my Acupuncturist (Alethea Acupuncture). I wasn't up for street car-ing it to his office (yes I'm that much of a wimp today -- I skipped Meditation for crissakes) so I called and asked him what kind of food would be the most medicinal to help with my symptoms: chills, headache, sore throat, achey, little cough, little nasal, no sweating. He said to sweat it out, get some warming food (sometimes not just "hot" either, warming herbs can be slightly different). So I asked what I should order at a Thai place, he suggested Tom Kha with lots of galanga root. You got it boss -- I'm on it.

I was standing right out side Baan Thai, and just yesterday someone told me it rocked. Went in, ordered a small bowl of Tom Kha off the dinner menu (it was lunch, nice of them) and it did indeed rock. I was going to order "mild +" and the waiter sized me up and suggested mild. I said I needed it to be spicy today -- he asked me what I order at my other Thai restaurant (how did he know?), I said "medium." He held his ground at mild.

Sure enough, the soup had me tearing up just a *little* bit at mild. There was a sludge of chili flakes in the bowl when I slurped the last bit down. Perfect heat for this wimp, and it was fantastic. I already feel tons better, and it was cheap too.

Many of the restaurants around the campus suck, frankly, so this is a very nice surprise.

Thanks for all the emails and text messages I've received re: the robbery. I was surprised at some of those names -- pleasantly surprised.

I wish I could turn the event into something funny or witty, but so far it just ain't happening. The print duster lady was a peach, however, and they did get a couple prints off our change jar (imagine, getting busted for having taking $20 in change, ouch). Maybe something will surface worth writing up about the whole experience... there definitely were some serious characters from Downtown in our house that night.

I'd show you some pictures, but...

I do have some pictures coming soon from when John gave Sula acupuncture last night tho. The arthritis in her hips responds fantastically to the needles -- and she puts up with them amazingly well.

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