Sunday, December 14, 2008

This video is full of awesome

My faithful Canukistani operative "Yuri" sent me this video in an effort to help me better understand the quaint and humanistic culture from whose loins he sprung. It is so full of awesome I had to share it.

Welcome to Canukistani Folk Music.

Enjoy times past when men wore their shirts a bit too tight, with bandannas tied around their necks like an ascott to sing baudy songs in fisherman's shanties in the far north,


Ps/Addendum: After extensive video analysis we have determined that the man with the bad neck kerchief is Dennis Quaid. Tell me I'm wrong -- check out 1:08 on that video and tell me different.


Bentley said...

Mwa hahaha.

say said...

OMG, that IS Dennis Quaid. And not only was this vid awesome from my perspective, my mom says so too.

Bpaul said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, sir.

Bentley, you Canukistani's are all alike, all jolly and shit.

Must be the socialized medicine.


Patrick Gracewood said...

What you clever people caught in the video's time warp are missing is that the lead singer is the great Stan Rogers.

for info

For why his is still missed check out any of his recordings. They are wonderful.

Ta break your hearts in this holiday season listen to his song "First Christmas Away From Home,"
and weep.

Kate said...

Flying is and always has been my favourite song of his =) My mom plays it all the time.