Thursday, December 4, 2008

Great cougar pictures via Trail Cam

These pictures were taken with a trail camera in the Blue mountains, SE corner of Washington State. I received them via email, and there is no attribution. I had to share them anyway, I just love these animals.

My fascination and awe of cougars probably has to do with having seen one up close and in the wild. They've enthralled me ever since.

Enjoy images you will probably receive via email any minute now,


[via Estu]


Catherine Just said...

PRETTY KITTY! come over here I want to squeeze you!
awwwww aren't you cute.

Trappin' Pat said...

I once had one walk up on me within 15' up in the N Fork of the John Day Wildnerness. Having my boots off was the one thing that bothered me most about the encounter. Nothing much happened we just got a good look at each other and he turned around and walked back the way he came. I got the shakes moments later. A real BIG cat--his head was nearly as big as mine.

LT said...

Freaking gorgeous. Such strong graceful slick mean cool creatures. Love them to death. I wa slucky to have visited a recovery center north of Eugene several years ago. Huge, high cage with trees with several wild cats in it. One, however, was a lifer. Very large. long cat that would come up to the fence and rub its face on it - and purr like a Mack truck, beggin to be petted. Christ, what a thing. And they way they move - reminded me of the mercury we played with as kids.

Kate said...

I think I like the big cats almost as much as the miniature variety =)

Sadly, cougars are becoming common sightings in Victoria. We've had several end up in the middle of downtown, obviously a tad lost.

Bpaul said...

Catherine, I second the motion. But... and a huge but, only sitting here typing and looking at pictures. Wasn't my reaction in the woods.


I can't imagine being shoeless near one, holy crap. I, too, got adrenaline sick (shakey and nauseous) moments after the cat was gone.


The one I saw jumped out in front of me at around 12' -- loped down the road and up into the trees. And, one of the descriptions I used over these many years was he moved like liquid mercury. Seriously.


I hope they're finding good eats and places to hide.

Kate said...

B: Kinda..... ;)