Sunday, December 21, 2008

How all Portland drivers think of other Portland drivers when it's snowy

Here is the famous video. This guy/gal seems to be in a rage or out of their mind, as they are completely gunning the engine as they reap destruction. Not normal behavior at all.

Complaining about other drivers is one of the top activities when the weather is like this in Portland. But to be honest, once the roads got really bad yesterday, I found people to be quite considerate and careful on the routes I was driving.

And, regardless of reality, here is the video from 2004 that set the nation's minds about Portland winter drivers -- it's a peach, really:

Enjoy holing up,


[video find via A Girl and Her Cat]


Catherine Just said...

#1 that gave me hives all over
#2 I've been on that same type of street while living in Minneapolis and Portland but have never seen so many people crashing into each other....again - more hives.
#3 I love Los Angeles
#4 I bet most of those people are from LA I hate to say it but most of us think we can drive in any weather - That LA ego gets the best of em.
#5 that's why I don't drive here in the rain....same story...

Marty said...

Please for the love of God tell me there was an inch of Wesson Oil covered ice under that snow. Otherwise, I am sorry but I must conclude Portland drivers= teh sux.

Bpaul said...

I can say, that person or those people did, but the last few days (and tonight) I've seen people being over cautious but not knuckleheads. I'll take over cautious any day.

LT said...

what in the unholy hell? More than one crazy person? what the hell was going on.

And: drivers everywhere crack me up - I grew up in Buffalo. I took my driving test in a blizzard - which was good, since the driver didn't make me use any hand signals.

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封神榜Ⅱ said...

You read these things, I think the mood has changed for the better!