Friday, December 12, 2008

Biggest full moon of the year tonight, make sure to check it out

A 14% bigger and 30% brighter moon will be gracing our skies tonight. It is over 17K miles closer. The NASA article here talks about it a bit. Worth noting.

Enjoy being warned of important celestial events,


[via Estu, image credit in NASA article]


Trappin' Pat said...

Oops, you’ all should of checked it out last night, its going to be cloudy tonight. I stared at it with the binos for a few minutes last night--very nice. Not only is it closer but it’s also
(1) winter making the air clear,
(2) high declination allowing the view through less atmosphere than summer, and
(3) tonight-the exact full moon-you get the opposition effect. Where from our perspective we see into all the craters without shadow making the moon much brighter.

fi said...

I would look, but we've got rain/slush and 40 mph gusts up here!