Monday, December 8, 2008

Cute and decidedly not so cute

First off, there is a new post over at the Fur Sharks blog. It's pretty damned cute.

Second off, here is some video from Oregon Field Guide, that arachnophobes really shouldn't click. It shows a totally cool hunting behavior of a Six Eyed Sand Spider.

They are awesome little dudes who hunt in fine sand in both African and South American deserts.

Enjoy your cute, and decidedly not so cute, Monday morning,


[video via Estu, image credit at Wiki Commons]


Dale said...

Very, very cool video --- much easier to take than that last photo of spider feeding activity you posted and forced me to post. (Yes, you forced me. I had no choice.)

I feel sorry for the crickets, but since I regularly feed them to our pet lizard, I am well aware of their ... how to put this delicately, um ... incredible stupidity.

To wit: I like how the spider misses the cricket and then just sort of goes to the side of the enclosure, probably just planning, in his spider way, to dig down and try again. And then the dumbass cricket practically crawls into his fangs!

What could he do but drag the cricket down to hell? That's the really macabre part: when the spider actually takes his prey down under the sand.

I say "he," but I have not done the work to sex this spider. It's probably a female -- female spiders are almost always the cool, dramatic, interesting ones.

Thanks for this. Very cool.

Bpaul said...

You, sir, are in danger of exposing a geekiness that rivals my own.

I'm humbled.