Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Photos of Stairs

Hotel Domine, Bilbao, Spain
Originally uploaded by the.mat
I know I know, you read the title and think "who cares." But seriously, check out this link to find a whole bevy of flickr photos of stairs and stair cases, some are just fantastic.

Enjoy unexpected sources of beauty,



msherm said...

I just designed some lovely floating stairs that just got installed so I'm more than happy to look at stairs!

I care.

Bpaul said...

I almost called you the other day, but then I fell asleep LOL.

I want to see pictures of these stairs of yours!


Dale said...

When you're right, you're right ... and you're right! Beautiful.

I'd be honored to go tumbling down some of those stairs.

Catherine Just said...

love it