Monday, December 22, 2008

Beautiful photoset of Mount Mabu

My friend Babs sent me a link to this photoset of Mt. Mabu exploration in Mozambique. It has been relatively un-studied and promises to contain many biological treasures. Check out that little dude in the second photo there, gorgeous.

Enjoy the planet showering us with new living beauties, still,


[photo credits in linked slideshow]


Marty said...

You know, I like to look at things like animals, mountains, plants and other natural things and ponder why they are a certain color or size and what got them to this point. The only thing I can conclude from looking at that wierdass colored beetle is that all the beetle eaters on Mount Mabu are regular ingesters of acid, forcing this species of beetle to show this type of coloration to blend in.

Bpaul said...

Ah yes, the old psychedelic defense, yes... yess....


我爱麻将网 said...

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