Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Driving conditions to PDX airport

I just hauled Canukistani Kate to PDX airport in the Subaru, around 4 AM. Other than our block specifically, the drive was easy peasy. But you'd never know that from our side street (most side streets). The snow is deep and slippery, and I needed the all wheel drive to get out without sliding into parked cars. The freeways, however, are quite clear and open. The main streets in town are plowed flat and drivable with AWD or TWD and chains.

The airport was bustling and as far as we could tell the planes were moving just fine.

Good luck on your holiday traveling,



Kate said...

Thank you thank you thank you again!

I made it to Vancouver with no incident, managed to finagle space on an earlier flight to the island, and I'm home safe and sound. Glad I caught that flight though because it was the last island hopper to leave YVR for the day. My original flight has been delayed 2 hours. My bag hasn't made it here yet, but oh well!

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