Friday, December 5, 2008

Hobbit Home

Can you imagine growing up in that place? These kids are psyched.

The point of this house was to build a very economical, self-built earth-sheltered house. They pulled it off for $5k. Check out this blog post to get a bit more info, and a few more pictures, about the project.

Enjoy seeing folks pull off weird and inspiring projects,



Marianna said...

Neat! Have you seen suburban Oregon's take on creating hobbit homes?

Check this out:

At least the toolsheds look about right:

Katye said...

Get ready honey....we're slated for this project when? Perhaps 2012 when time ends and we all have enough of it?

Come'on! You know you wanna....

Anonymous said...

I wanna, I wanna! nana povi

Marty said...

Time only ends in 2012 if you're Incan. Are you? Well, are you? Yeah I didn't think so.

And yeah, I always thought an underground house would be "cool", haha.