Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rotating skyscrapers generate their own power

Rotating skyscrapers -- there's the first head-turner. The second is, there are wind generators between the floors -- interesting stuff.

There are two projects set to go up in the near future, possibly in two years. I'll be interested to see if they can sustain themselves completely on wind power. If so, bravo. If not, then just another quack idea that is reminiscent of an enormous sex toy.

I mean, it's a pretty sex toy and all, but still.

Enjoy folks working to combine their passion with the remotest sense of the coming energy collapse,



Estu said...

OK, this one has a funny aroma to it.

I get the "wind tubines between floors" bit -- I think that is brilliant. The rotation of the floors is a bit puzzling and bothersome. It seems like a lot of complexity, and, with increased complexity comes decreased reliability, especially in the first iterations.

The notion of prefabricating modular floors is an interesting one. Today, in smaller construction , the floor/ceiling slabs are often prefab; this just takes that practice to its logical extension. I'm betting, however, that the cost savings are pocketed by the developers and owners for the first iterations, and the residents will pay premium prices for the privilege of living in these leading edge structures.

I note that this "totally green" building will have elevators that transport residents' cars directly to their floors. I think a totally green building would be a bit less kind to the owners of internal combustion powered vehicles. And I'd hate to have to wait for the auto elevators at rush hour. Imagine, a traffic jam in your own building.

In summary: horizontal turbines good, the rest, ummmm, not so sure.

Bpaul said...

I'm in exactly the same boat.