Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCain Sucks -- bomb Iran?

To be clear about the whole McCain Sucks series of posts -- I understand that the grand majority of folks who read this blog are not voting for McCain. Some may be undecided, but most are anti. So, it would seem to be preaching to the choir to make these posts. However, I want folks to have specifics to mention should anyone challenge their stance regarding McSame. That way we can be educated and intelligent in our responses. Also, for the undecided folks, these should be good food for thought.

Just in case you missed this particular McCain Sucks tidbit, here is a video of him singing the jaunty "bomb bomb Iran" song.

And here is Grampy defending himself -- completely asinine. Yeah, "lighten up" about bombing other countries, sheesh.

Enjoy Grampy McSame shooting himself in the foot repeatedly, and with vigor,


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Trappin' Pat said...

I must let you know that it is disturbing me the disrespectful way you've been characterizing McCain. I also don't like his fiscal and foreign policy positions. But I must admit that I do respect him. He is very direct in his positions, even if it's damaging the Republican's Religious Right political base, like his position on abortion. He strikes me as honest. He is sticking to his public financing position and Obama is not (I find Obama's decision not use public financing perhaps politically wise but ethically sad). Also remember that he is a Vietnam War Hero and former prisoner of war.

Name calling is the tool of the disempowered and I think in the current situation there’s plenty of public discussion and the odds of Obama winning the presidency is high. Also I associate ad hominem and name-calling arguments with right-wing windbags that I despise (OReilly, Limbaugh, ect). We agree that it would be a disaster for him to be elected but I think you hurt your credibility using name calling to criticize McCain.