Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quick followup from the river

So it turns out that Bruce, the executive director of Playwrite Inc., who is hosting this little shindig on the Metolius river, is an accomplished chef. Like, bigtime.

So we finished off our evening meal with hand-cranked organic ice cream -- Port and Marionberry ice cream.

We worked with the kids today for our first day of playwriting. They did great, and it is definitely hard work to coach them. Challenging in a good way, but challenging nonetheless. I'm loving it so far. And, I'm a newb.

Off to the sleeping platform, I'll post pictures of that in the next few days. I woke up from an afternoon nap yesterday to a mule deer stag grazing about 50 ft. away.

Enjoy short, unillustrated, somewhat disjoined blog posts,



Tate said...

wow sounds like you are in freaking heaven.. you love all this stuff. have a great time

Estu said...

You suck.

Love & kisses, you bastard,


Bentley said...

Glad you are having fun sir!

Estu said...


You Canuckistanis are too nice. Tell him what you really think...

Bentley said...

Glad you are a huge bastard enjoying the outdoors while i sit in an office and slack off!


Better Stu? :P

Estu said...

The force is strong within you, young Bentley.