Friday, July 18, 2008

Canukistani operative spots waterfall ninja at Latourelle falls

Although top secret, a small but elite force of Canukistani nationals are visiting the house. Among them MAY be Yuri, my prize operative.

We were reviewing the grandeur of the Columbia River Gorge on an undisclosed day in the near past, when Yuri spotted a man in a wet suit coming down the trail toward Latourelle falls. He looked at us, and said "we're going back to the falls, we have to know." We turned around, and Muse the official tour photographer gathered this data. I love that picture above... very cool.

Here is the waterfall ninja in his tentative, dangerous approach. Imagine what would happen should a pebble, or even a small boulder, be in the water flow.

Enjoy nutbags unintentionally entertaining your international visitors and proving that Portland is, in fact, staying weird,



Tate said...

that is fucking fantastic.... i want to know what they were looking for

Bpaul said...

Just adventure baby, just adventure.

He was all hyped up, had already hit one waterfall, I think horsetail. Just wanted to stand underneath them. I can totally relate.

Tate said...

that would be great, i have walked to the back of a few but never stood underneath a big waterfall

Mark said...

Hey...I was with that nutbag...

Visiting Oregon, I wanted to fulfill a desire I've had for ages, to be able to hang out in the waterfalls without freezing my ass off!

So, my friend Eric the Ninja and I rented wetsuits and hiked into Oneonta Gorge and swam in the waterfall there for about 3 hours.

It was Fantastic!

Eric tried get under Multnomah, but the Forest Service said "no-no"

He was able to get into Latourelle tho, and do battle with his id.

Bpaul said...

Hey I'm glad you found the site and stopped by!

You will come to see that "nutbag" is a complement around these here parts.

Pictures came out dandy don't you think?