Sunday, July 27, 2008

Apparently, this Mac Book hates me

I am the only one on this retreat that is having problems with this Mac Book. Within a few minutes of working, it decides it's going to go off line and not be able to find the wi fi here. This happens to no one else, only me.

I am a hero of anti-macintosh chemistry, sheesh.



Tate said...

be at peace with the mac

Bpaul said...

Dude, the thing just hates me I swear LOL.

Anonymous said...


I can introduce you to Steve Ballmer if you like. Sounds like you are his kind of guy.


Bpaul said...

I'll have to respectfully decline. I'm concerned that I'd bite him on the ankle.


I just can't risk it.

Bentley said...

Awww vista'd :(
I Blame that particular macbook, you used mine fine. :P