Sunday, July 20, 2008

My first teaching gig -- Playwrite Inc.

That's what a degree in Biology will get you, a writing/coaching gig with marginalized youth. [I really don't like any of the terms for these kids, "at risk," "troubled," etc. -- maybe just "teens" is the best.]

I'm now part of the Playwrite team. You can get lots of information about the program by clicking the text link and surfing around a bit.

I'd say going to this page and clicking on the OPB Art Beat video would be a good introduction.

The kids go through a two week workshop where they write stage play material, assisted by coaches. The assistance is very specific, and doesn't include ANY material or words whatsoever -- meaning they do every single bit of the writing themselves, it's all theirs. We're more like scribes and questioners -- asking questions to help keep the kids on track and producing good material for their story. At the end of the workshop, professional actors perform their pieces. They direct these actors, and have creative control over how the material is performed.

There is solid research behind the Playwrite model. I will go into it in the future. For now, I'll say that when folks write through trauma, they heal from it much more successfully. It helps them digest the experience and move on with what they've learned. Freewriting, specifically, gives these benefits.

Got to cook the Canukistanis their breakfast so they can head back to the land of Ice and Snow with a full stomach.

Enjoy finding out that gigs fun enough to be SURE to be volunteer are actually paid,



Chuck Butcher said...

An interesting concept, seems like something that could work well.

Bpaul said...

I'll keep reporting in, I'm only just now through training so a complete newb at the idea.

The studies Bruce cited during our training looked very compelling.

My own experiences with freewriting have been quite liberating, sometimes cathartic. Always interesting.

Now to see if I can score a gig using the Biology degree. Should be fun.

Thanks for stopping by sir,