Sunday, July 6, 2008

How Stuff Works -=- a site for those who need to know

Stud Farmhand just sent me a link to the How Stuff Works website. It's an endless series of explanations bound to excite and entertain geeks of all ages and sizes.

From scuba diving cats to how long it would take for your house to fall apart, the site is totally random and seemingly endless.

Yes, I'm back -- this post is live, I'll report in soon.



S. Farmhand said...

A fine site indeed. By way of example: a mathematical model for Murphy's law:

Bpaul said...


A.Stock said...

I haven't seen it yet, but it sounds like this subject is catching a lot more public attention through the Pixar movie 'Wall-E'. Interesting review of the movie from a philosophical angel here:

Anonymous said...

I have ALWAYS wondered how long it would take for our house to fall apart so will check out the website. We built this place with the idea that in 50 years there would be a copper roof for someone to recycle and a radiant cement floor system that one could build walls around again or just dig up. Hope it lasts about that long though; sometimes the powderpost beetles are trying to tell us we're too optimistic. Thanks for the website, Povi in VA