Saturday, July 5, 2008

Christian the Lion reunion

This video went viral this year, about 20 years after the event took place. One of my favorite youtube finds, I have to say.

It is footage of a lion that had been rescued (bought) from a British department store and raised by two men until it was too big to handle, then re-introduced to the wild. The video is shot after the lion had been in the wild a year or so. You can get a bit more information and some good links from the Wiki page. The lioness present was Christian's mate, and apparently a wild lion despite her nonchalance around the humans.

I apologize for the music in the video, but believe me of all the videos I found this one had the best taste. For a laugh at both the music and the messages associated with the video, cruise the youtube search for Christian the Lion a bit.

Enjoy familial affections across species boundaries,



Tate said...

WOW that is beautiful, thanks for that one

Bpaul said...

Isn't it awesome?